Commenting/Communication Policy

Currently all comments must be approved, and I have the right to reject any comment that is bad.

No spam will be allowed. This includes URLs to websites that are selling something. Especially suspicious and what will not be approved are comments with screen names like “click me” or “payday loans,” unless the link seems to be okay.

All email addresses given in comments must be to real email accounts. I am suspicious of any comment posted with a fake email address (possible spam). I have means to check, and I will be checking to make sure that the email address is valid.

No liberal opinions or beliefs will be allowed. I do not believe in free speech. That said, I will not reject comments that I disagree with. If I do disagree with something, you may be publicly challenged.

Any sinful comments will not be approved and I, as the authority, may charitably punish the author.

I will not significantly edit (i.e. change what I believe to be the meaning) the content of any comment that I approve, but if I believe that the comment is unintelligible, I may not approve it or only approve it after editing it for intelligibility. I will give notice that I have edited the comment and may explain why it was edited.

I plan to have a policy of reaching out to the commentator by email, if I reject a comment (unless I believe that it is spam), give reason(s) for the rejection, and perhaps guidance about how to make the comment acceptable. However, I make no promises that I will contact you.

I understand that the internet does provide anonymity and I respect that, so I understand that on all contact forms that you may not be using your real name even though the form seems to ask for it. However, I do expect honesty in all communications.

This page will be updated as I change the rules.

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